The Nature Explorers creates naturalistic observation cinema verite style documentary videos, audio recordings, and photographs. This documentation serves as a record of the flora and fauna species inhabiting the ecosystems during the specific time frame and can be used in the future as a reference to how the ecosystems are constantly evolving as well as the affects on them by anthropogenic activities. These ecosystem videos, audio recordings, and photographs are presented in a format so they may be used for educational instruction and testing purposes as well as scientific study of the ecosystems, therefore narrations have been left out and classical music used in the background when no natural sound is available, ultimately leaving the videos for self interpretation, individual discovery, and for professors to explain or show as examples in a classroom setting. Expeditions usually take place in an area of five square miles over 7-21 days during which time the flora, fauna, geology, weather, and landscapes of the ecosystem are all documented. The Nature Explorers do not seek out, bait, or wait for species, filming only what is encountered while exploring the ecosystem on foot.

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